The ancestors of the Weyreter family

...come from the village Wängle in Tyrol. We know about two lines: one from the German village Pfedelbach
near Öhringen, the other from Heidenheim in Germany. The Pfedelbach ancestors are documented until
1590 (Hans), the Heidenheim ancestors until 1580 (Georg). We assume that Hans and Georg are brothers.

We - that's Karl Weyreter and myself. We met each other by chance several years ago when we were
both searching for our ancestors. In the meantime, we have found out many things about the history of
our family. Many descendants are scattered around the world. For example, we keep loose contact with our
distant relatives in the US, who try to investigate and trace back their origins as well.

Unfortunately, we are kind of stuck right now. Before 1590, the records are either incomplete, illegible, not
available or simply don't exist. That's why I would love to make contact to other members of our family.
Maybe you have information I don't have. Or the other way round - this way, we can share our knowledge.

Looking forward to your emails:
Dieter Weyreter

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